Investment Policy

The Company is an investment company within the meaning of SIX Swiss Exchange’s Listing Rules for investment companies.

The investment goal is to achieve increase in value of the Company by investing its assets in a diversified portfolio of non-listed and listed growth companies. The geographic focus is on businesses in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

New Value has invested the major part of its assets in private equities, from start-up to pre IPO. Depending on the individual case, the Company also makes investments in companies which are already listed on an exchange.

New Value has developped a portfolio of medium- to long-term equity holdings. The main investment emphasis was on private companies with a high level of market and growth potential due to promising product developments. The portfolio includes companies from the cleantech and the medtech sector.

The portfolio strategy is focussed on selling the current investments within the next couple of years (Realisation strategy). New Value doesn`t plan any further investements, with the exception when further value can be created for the existing portfolio companies. New Value plans to gradually distribute excess liquidity to the shareholders.