Investment Policy

The Company is an investment company within the meaning of SIX Swiss Exchange’s Listing Rules for investment companies.

 Principles of the investment policy

The investment objective is to increase the value of the Company by investing its assets in a diversified portfolio of private market investments, such as unlisted and listed companies, real estate, infrastructure assets or mezzanine loans. The geographic focus is on exposures in Europe and North America. However, exposures are possible worldwide. 

The Company may invest in derivative financial instruments to hedge risks and optimize returns. The Company may borrow funds.

 Investment strategy

New Value AG is again building up a portfolio of corporate investments in the medium to long term. The focus is on investments in private companies in the area of digital business models. New Value AG engages in active value management with the aim of further developing the investments and thus increasing their value..

 Private Equity Investments

New Value invests its funds in start-up and established companies. In doing so, New Value AG can provide the companies with financial support in the form of equity or loans in order to develop new products and technologies, pursue an expansion or acquisition strategy, or adapt ownership to the company's changing needs. Central to this is the strategic accompaniment and control of the portfolio companies.

New Value acquires medium- to long-term minority and majority shareholdings. Investments are made in the form of equity or quasi-equity forms of financing, for example convertible loans or loans with option rights.