Valuation Guidelines

The Net Asset Value (NAV) is consistent with the intrinsic value of the company i.e. the total assets of New Value, less liabilities. The NAV per share is calculated dividing the NAV by the number of outstanding shares of New Value. The determination of the NAV is based on the guidelines of the EVCA (European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association):

  • Valuation of the Portfolio companies:
    • Basically at cost
    • Adjustments (re- or devaluation) if specific events occur (e.g. new financing rounds, release of  new patents, Milestones achieved)
    • Valuations take place quarterly
    • Verification by Valuation committee
  • Valuation of listed companies: stock quote at key day
  • The NAV of New Value is released twice a month on this website
  • Compliance with the guidelines and correctness of the valuations are part of the annual audit
  • If 10% of the shareholders voting rights are gathered, an audited NAV may be demanded (release within 6 weeks)